Friday, May 06, 2005

Freaks come to the rescue in our Canadian Election battle

We have been tearing our hair out during the past week as we gear up for the soon-to-be called Canadian Election. We are behind in our research for several of our FAD sites and we have not yet identified all of the pro-pot MPs we will be targeting for defeat. We are going after all of the NDP MPs as well as targeting all those ridings where the NDP came a close second in the last election. As well, we will initially be targeting all Liberal MPs (except those in Quebec, the Bloc will defeat most of them anyways) who voted for same sex marriage while for the most part leaving alone all those Liberals who voted against same-sex marriage. Not because we are necessarily against same sex marriage. But, we feel those Liberal MPs who backed down on same sex marriage may also back down on supporting a pro-pot law (Bill C-17) once they are given all of the facts. However, if these Liberal MPs (who voted against same sex marriage) don't agree to fight any future pro-pot legislation, we will target them if we have the time and resources to do so. We will have plenty of work targeting the other 100 plus Liberal MPs who support both same sex marriage and looser drug laws. We will ignore the Bloc and the Conservatives in our plans. (While the Bloc supports looser drug laws they serve a useful purpose by shutting the Liberals out in Quebec.) The Conservatives will be left alone because they don't, for the most part, support looser drug laws. Besides identifying the MPs we are targeting, we also must finish updating our data base on the media outlets in each targeted riding and be ready to send regular press releases to each of them. Much work needs to be done but with all of the people power from the other freak sites joining us, we will succeed in alerting Canadians to those MPs who want to dilute our drug laws. And, hopefully, contribute to their defeat in the upcoming election.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

NDP/Liberal Coalition Means Drug Bill Pushed Forward.

We had been hoping that the Gomery Inquiry, documenting criminal acts by those in the highest reaches of the Liberal Party, (perhaps even up to the Prime Minister's office, past and present), would kill the bill to legalize marijuana because the opposition would vote against the government and spark a new election. Then, we could campaign against those NDP and Liberals who were pushing for legal pot. Now, it appears that pro-pot Bill C-17 may be pushed forward (in a private deal the NDP has made with the Liberals). In this case, our campaign will start even before the election and continue during the election campaign. To get the lowdown on this Liberal/NDP deal, see this posting.

Friday, April 22, 2005

When you see a long haired man, do you think, "Drugs?"

The freaks over at FIG tackle this in a unique way that has made them infamous. Check out this posting by a freak who still actually looks like a hippie freak. Looks only.

Warming up to Canada's Upcoming Federal Election

This looks like it might be a decent site to check out, if you want to keep abreast of the upcoming election. They have some good links, too.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

We support Medical Marijuana!

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that marijuana helps those battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Of course, the main benefit may be that one gets so stoned on grass that you forget all about the disease, at least for a while. We can see that grass could stimulate the appetite for those suffering from the effects of chemotherapy. The onset of the "munchies" is a known side effect to all pot smokers so we understand that any medical treatment that kills your appetite would be helped by a puff or several of grass. However, we must also ensure that the cure isn't worse than the disease, something we increasingly see in prescription drugs. So, if anecdotal evidence is backed up by clinical research, we see no problem with and would encourage the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

One of the most promising uses of marijuana in this regard is Sativex, the first pot-based pharmaceutical for sale in the world. This drug is a spray that is made from pulverized pot plants and is used to treat pain symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS). I had a friend who died of this disease and I wish Sativex had been available during his fight. (Although word is that he did find more than a few joints of grass that seemed to help him.) The method of delivery for Sativex, a spray versus smoking pot, makes it an even more appealing way of getting marijuana to those who will benefit from its medicinal properties. Let's hope there will be more research by companies into the use of grass-based drugs and perhaps Sativex will be helpful for other patients suffering from excruciating pain, for which other drugs don't work.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Out with the NDP and Liberal Party of Canada

Read the latest posting from freaks inc, which we heartily endorse. This is the link to United for a Conservative Canada. We will be announcing our new FAD director in the coming days and look forward to the upcoming election as we seek to influence the vote, in some crucial ridings, away from the NDP and Liberal Party of Canada.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Freaks on Retreat. A Manifesto. Of sorts.

Where do the Freaks go from here?
It’s been a little under a month since our first Freak blog was published. Since then, we have grown to 12 blogs which are linked through our freaks inc. site. Now is the time to put our feet into the ocean for a few days to see where we go from here. So, as of tomorrow, April 14, there will be no postings until about April 19 as all the Freaks associated with all the sites go on retreat. We will be asking ourselves these questions, among others:
1. Do we continue as blogs or go to a full Web site? Or, both?
2. Will all the Freaks, from all the blogs, join in the upcoming election to lobby against all those politicians who support Bill C-17? Or, do we concentrate our efforts on the Liberals and the NDP and ignore the Bloc and the Conservatives? (If we go after the Bloc, we will have to recruit a French speaking Freak.) And, do we really want to go after the Conservatives? Truth be told, although we have picked on the Conservatives along with all the other parties, most of the Freaks are supportive of the Conservative Party. If this party wins the next election, we are sure they won’t be as anxious to support the spread of non-medical drugs, as are the other political parties. Or, do we remain completely apolitical?
3. How much money do we pour into the upcoming election campaign? Do we try to raise some cash? How many Freaks will put their lives on hold to fight this campaign?
4. How do we fight the campaign? Do we use news releases and telephone interviews with media that are situated within the targeted ridings, as well as updates to our blogs or web page (the latter depends on the time we have before an election to get a Web page up) or do we also use billboards and other mass advertising? This, of course, depends on our finances and would probably necessitate some fund raising. Are there any rich Freaks (or not Freaks) out there, who support our fight against the spread of non-medical drugs, such as pot?
5. Will we finally have an Executive Director to co-ordinate all our FAD (Freaks Against Drugs) business? It is important to have a "front man" for all media contacts. We have two Freaks here who are capable and have the experience to do this, but they are a bit leery of becoming front men because of some of the language, in the past, used on many of our sites. Not only what we have said, but how we have said it is bothersome to both of them. Each site is independent of the other and even within sites, particularly the FAD site, there is more than one person posting. If we are to be taken more seriously, our candidates for Executive Director have said that all postings (at least on the FAD sites) would have to be cleared by them. Some of our more anarchist Freaks have a problem with this.
6. Do we disband? Say, "it was nice to get our feelings out but, there is more to life..." and just let the country go to pot?
7. That’s about it. If you have feedback, please email us at
8. Until next week, this is Peter wishing you peace. Freak peace

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Should Government Legalize and Sell Harmful Drugs?

We usually delete about one comment a day from our site. Most of them are sad, pathetic and quite naive. From now on, we will keep some of these posts because they illustrate how many people have become twisted through the use of non-medical drugs. They are a good example of why we are against the spread of non-medical drugs. The last thing we need are more doped up people walking our streets and surfing the web. We received a comment today, however, that doesn't fit this category and which asks a good, insightful question. The comment, posted in response to the two pictures of Rachel Whitear from Friday, April 8, asks this question: "This didn't happen because of drug laws. If the drugs were legal, and came from the government, then this sort of thing would be less likely to occur -- not impossible sadly, as there's still the risk of overdose, but still less likely."

First of all, the government would love to get into the business of selling non-medical drugs. It is presently a multi-billion dollar business, outside of their hands. Unfortunately, we have examples of what happens when governments wrestle control of criminal activities from criminals, thereby become the new criminals. Of course, being government, they then legalize what was once criminal. A debate is presently raging in Nova Scotia over the use and abuse of VLT's or one-armed bandit slot machines. Since the government legalized the machines and eagerly rakes in millions of dollars a year from their use, there has been a rapid rise in addicted gamblers and suicide among people who have lost jobs, businesses and their marriages because of their addiction. When these machines were illegal, they weren't very easy to find and there was a risk for people to run gambling dens. Legalization of the machines meant you could find machines in just about every bar, Legion and many restaurants. (See this Freak site for a posting in the next day or two on this issue.) We also have the so called "harm reduction" or government controlled heroin "shooting galleries" in Vancouver. Crime, drug usage and the spread of these problems outside the traditional heroin neighborhood in Vancouver, has been the result of this ill-conceived government action.

The government has a track record of screwing up most of what they get their hands into. Medicare in Canada is another example. (See link.) If recent history is any example, government control of the illegal drug trade will only worsen the problem and we will see, we fear, more overdosing of drugs, not less. A search of the web shows this to be the case in those European countries that have loosed their drug laws. As drugs become legal, they naturally spread as it becomes easier to find them and use them. So, Knott, we beg to differ, but thanks for your thoughtful comment.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Stoned Baby

The site manager of Canada's Politicians on Drugs posted this cute picture today. They have given us permission to use it. Okay, so we told them we were going to use it.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Freaks use to laugh at Reever Madness. This isn't funny.

Remember Reefer Madness? It was a film made in the early part of the 2oth Century that freaks used to watch while doing dope. We thought it was a load of crap. But, it did scare more than a few people off drugs. And, in looking back at it, there was a lot of truth in the film. The above picture is cute, the next one isn't. They are of the same person. The one above is a care-free Rachel Whitear, very much alive. The next one is a very dead Rachel Whitear with a syringe just above her head. Dead, from drugs.

Would you like this to happen to your daughter or grand-daughter? Stupid question. About as stupid as voting for Liberal, NDP, Bloc, and even the Conservatives who want to loosen our drug laws. (The Conservatives would loosen them a little less than the other parties.) If pro-drug politicians get elected, this could be our daughter or grand-daughter. Ask our politicians if they support looser drug laws. Ask them if they supported Bill C-17. And don't take crap. We'll be posting questions on one of our blogs soon to ask politicians now, and in the next electon, what their stand is on drugs.

Why do we fight drugs and not same sex marriage?

This is a question that some of the freaks have been raising for some time. Some argue we are being hypocrites. Are we? You judge. This is the link to our discussion on the topic.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Freak Battle Brewing? Will we Split Up?

Our Christian freaks over at FIG (Freaks into God) seem to be downplaying our work. In a recent posting, The Other Freaks Disappoint Us, they take some swipes, though not maliciously, at our efforts to expose the political support for legalizing pot in Canada. They have some good points in their support for politicians of all stripes, at least good for them. In spite of this, we support them in their disagreement with us. We will continue to have our regular coffee breaks with our freak friends at FIG, as we do with our other freak site friends. In fact, we will be joining all the freaks, FIG folk included, in a BarBQ this Sunday afternoon after the FIGgers get back from a church meeting. Several of the freaks here at FAD are Christians, but they don't agree with the FIG stand on the two Kingdom concept. (You can find that link from the above link to their posting, The Other Freaks Disappoint Us.) Will we split over this? No, we don't think so. They have their opinion, we have ours. You, and perhaps God, will be the judge of who is right.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Conservatives Support Pot Law. With some Tinkering.

It appears that an email from Randy White's office clearly shows that while the Conservatives don't support Bill C-17 "in its present state," they will, with some tinkering, support the bill that is obviously a first step towards legal pot. Following is the complete text of the email from Mr. White's office (our comments are in italics):

Following is our (Conservative Party) position on your questions;
1. We do not support bill C-17 in its present state. (In other words, with a few changes, the Conservatives will support it.)

2. The bill contains a number of flaws including a threshold for possession of up to 30g of marijuana which is excessive, the bill does not adequately address young people and marijuana, it lacks an effective national drugs strategy that addresses the problem of all drugs in Canada. Also, the bill prescribes no minimum penalties for marijuana grow operators. Increasing maximum penalties will have no impact on production since Courts are not imposing even close to the current maximums. (This makes some sense. However, we can do this without passing Bill C-17. In fact, however, the party does support the semi-legalization of pot by allowing possession of up to 5 grams. Or, as we freaks used to call it, 5 dime bags. We use to get 5 joints a dime; so the Conservatives support the carrying of 25 joints. At a "stone" a joint, that's 25 stones. The Conservatives say you can get "30 to 60 joints from 30 grams of marijuana." One wonders who is rolling their joints? Man, those are some killer joints. )

3. The above issues would each be addressed when the bill is studied by Justice committee - we are also suggesting that a nationwide awareness campaign take place before the bill comes into law since a recent poll has shown 1 in 2 Canadians view this legislation as full legalization of cannabis. (Wake up PC's - they are on their way back to putting the P into PC - and smell the grass. This bill is only the first step to full legalization, as those who support the bill - mainly the NDP - are quick to acknowledge. One in 2 Canadians view this bill as full legalization, and we hope to raise this to 1.5 out of 2 in our own campaign.)

4. A substantial number of changes would have to be made to this bill. Our support for C-17 would depend on the amending process. (In other words, with changes, we support the drugging of our young people and will support the first step towards legalization of marijuana. It's obvious that the red tories are on the rise. Where is the Reform Party when you need them?)

Liberal MP gets our First "Doper of the Month" Award.

Peter Piper, chairman of freaks inc., announced today that the first "Doper of the Month" award, (issued by the freak inc. group FAD) has been given to a deserving Member of Parliament. Mr. Piper, in announcing the award for March, said: "The vote was unanimous. Mr. DeVillers, MP for Simcoe-North (Ontario) truly matched all the criteria we were looking for in making our decision." Mr. Piper noted that Mr. DeVillers, as chairman of the committee studying Bill C-17 (the bill which is step one on the road to legal pot), could probably have received the award for that reason alone, although the vote would not have been unanimous, but there were other reasons why this Ontario MP topped the scales in the balloting. "What really tipped the scales for Mr. DeVillers," according to Mr. Piper, "were some remarks that the long-time Liberal MP made while wearing the hat of Secretary of State for Amateur Sport. We expect many MPs to be two-faced, regardless of their political affiliation, but Mr. DeVillers hypocrisy is definitely without equal." Mr. Piper referred to statements that Mr. DeVillers made while opening the new permanent headquarters of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in Montreal. While speaking at the opening, Mr. DeVillers said: "I am fortunate to have met with the key leaders of WADA on several occasions. I admire their leadership in the field of anti-doping...Canada is at the forefront of the struggle against doping in sport...WADA will help Canada to stay at the forefront." Mr. Piper said that while Mr. DeVillers supports anti-doping in sport he appears to favor doping up our Canadian youth by making marijuana more readily available. In concluding his remarks, Mr. Piper said: "Mr. DeVillers, for his inane actions in speaking out of both sides of his mouth at once, deserves to be turfed out of office during the next election which we trust will be very soon." The "Doper of the Month Award" will be given every month to the person who has done the best job of doping up our young people through contributing to the spread of non-medical drugs. Mr. Piper said nominations are now open for the April award which will be issued in early May.

Appointing of CEO Delayed: "Too busy targeting MPs"

Spokeswoman for FAD, Polly Puffer, says that the anticipated appointment of a CEO for FAD has been delayed because of a "dog-napping". "We had hoped to appoint our first ever CEO today, Ms. Puffer says, "but he has been too busy setting up our campaign to dog all those who support Bill C-17, during the upcoming election campaign." Ms. Puffer says that the new CEO was the person behind the formation of FAD several weeks ago, and goes by the name, Dog. "He has been just too dog-gone busy identifying the media in each riding of our targeted MPs, so that we can send releases and letters to the editor to inform MPs constituents of how their elected representative wants to make pot and other drugs more available to our young people." Puffer says that Dog (which she noted is god spelled backwards, but that is where their resemblance ends) was to have joined with freaks inc. president Peter Piper today to announce the CEO appointment to FAD. "Unfortunately, Dog never showed up because he was "dog-napping." Piper says that "Dog has been working flat out on a number of drug-related research issues during the past month and we have decided to allow him to sleep today." It is not known when the appointment will now occur.

Drugging Report Card on Federal Political Parties. C to F-

Our analysis of how the federal political parties have fared in their drug test, has been posted on the various sites which are linked from our sister group, Canada's Politicians on Drugs. Top of the class mark goes to the Conservative Party, who get an C. The Liberals received a D- while the Bloc received an F and the NDP were deservedly at the bottom of the pile with an F- Chairman of freaks inc., Peter Piper, in announcing the marks says: "While we have some misgivings about the depth of the Conservative position, they are the only party that has consistently taken a stand against the spread of non-medical drugs. At the present time they would support allowing people to carry up to 5 grams of grass without it being a criminal offense. If they form the government, however, they probably would slow down the spread of drugs that the other parties actively support." Mr. Piper went on to say that although the Liberals and NDP also have some principles, "their principles are ones which would see a further deterioration of Canada's inner cities through the spread of pot and an increase in grass grow opp activity. The Liberals would have been tied with the NDP with an F- but the fact that six Liberal MP's voted against Bill C-17 (the bill which is step one on the road to legalized pot), pulled the entire Liberal class vote up to a D-." The worst mark, an F- was given to the NDP who, Mr. Piper says, will not rest until marijuana, cocaine, heroin and any other yet-to-be-invented drugs are legalized and taxed to provide extra revenue for government coffers. Mr. Piper says that although the Bloc voted en masse for Bill C-17, they provide an important function in our political system and thus received an F. "With their fortunes rising in Quebec, the Bloc will ensure that the Liberal rot will continue to be held in check and perhaps even put an end to the Liberal dinosaur dynasty."

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Drug Surveys to MPs Trickle In. S.L.O.W.L.Y.

We sent a survey to all our Federal MPs two days ago, and few have bothered to respond. As one of the grumps over at FOG said, "What do you expect? We just pay their salaries." For an update on what we have received to this point, see our link to Canada's Politicians on Drugs.

Friday, April 01, 2005

FAD Appointing CEO, "sometime" in April.

A journalist and political organizer with over 30 years of experience, will be appointed as the first CEO of Freaks against Drugs (FAD) Peter Piper, the chairman of freaks inc., and one of the organization's founding members, said: "There is much that needs to be done in the next several weeks and we saw the need to have a front person who knew the political process and the issues we are seeking to discuss in relation to proposed governmental changes to Canada's drug laws." Besides the new CEOs experience in media and politics, Mr. Piper says there are other qualifications that the members of freaks inc. thought were important. "Our new spokesman is the only one in our group who looks like a freak from the 60's. As well, we feel our CEO has credibility in our battle against the Liberal Government's push to legalize marijuana because he also received a criminal record for drug usage in the 1970's." Mr. Piper concluded by saying, "We will have a spokesman who knows more about the dangers of legislation that will increase the spread of non-medical drugs, than just about anybody else in our group." The new CEO will be based in Nova Scotia. More details will follow.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Former NDP Activist to Join Right-Wing FAD?

As we pointed out in our posting, (Right Wing Nuts or Left Wing Looney Tunes) we do not consider ourselves to be pushing any political agenda. We have taken pokes at the National Post, those fighting same sex marriage, Jack Layton and the CBC. (That sounds balanced; two shots against the right, two against the left.) Still, we get emails from the left, accusing us of being right wing nuts; and those on the right refer to us as left-wing looney tuners. We have been drinking numerous cups of coffee with "Dog" down at Peg's Lunch during the past several days ("Dog" was last mentioned in our post, Dog Gone, Email Back.) and he may be re-joining us as our official spokesman. "Dog" (he will be outed with his real name if he rejoins us) is not only a friend of Jack Layton (soon to be former friend?), he has also worked as a political organizer with the Reform Party. But, not at the same time. He has run as an NDP candidate in a local election and has also sought the nomination as an MP with the Reform Party. (Although 20 years separated both events. ) He gave up on the NDP in 1989 and immediately joined the Reform Party. He gave up on the right in 1998. (If you are into numerology, which we aren't, you could make something of the similarities in the dates.) We will have more on "Dogs" background if he comes home to us. Stay tuned for more developments on this. Greetings from all the freaks at Peg's Lunch.

freaks inc. More Confusion or Order?

As we plan on the appointment of our first director, one of the things that must be done is bring all the Freak sites together. We are on the way to doing this by setting up a Clearing House, called freaks inc. This will really confuse our loyal followers or simplify matters. Let us know.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Email Your MP from Freaks Site

If you are against the government liberalizing our drug laws, you can email them from our site. Just go to the link on our sidebar, Canada's Politicians on Drugs, where you will find the link to contact your MP. Or, bypass the middle-man(woman, person) and click on this link to go directly to a list of all the MP's in Canada. Even if you are for more drugs, click on. We don't care. Hey, it's still a democracy. For now, at least. There has been a lot of activity on our sites since Wednesday. This page is our main site but the other three sites in our links section are being constructed as you read. We also have a link to our old friend Cliff Watson's site, for Sexual Abuse Survivors. Have fun, clicking. (Again, if you don't feel like looking in our links section, you can click from here: Canada's Politicians on Drugs, Bill C-17 (Road to Legal Pot), Problems with Stoning a Country and Sexual Abuse Survivors.) The boys and girls down at Peg's are a bit out of sorts today. This is Good Friday in Canada (most of you folks down in the U.S. of A. don't get the day off; and we thought you had a Christian president). So, consequently, Peg's is closed but we are going to spend some time with our children and grandchildren today but we hope to get a few hours together by tomorrow when Peg is opened for a fund-raising breakfast for a teen shelter. Until then, fellow freaks and just plain folk...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Survivors of Sexual Abuse

An old friend of us, a fellow freak from way, way, back, has joined with us to help take some of the load off our shoulders. (When you have full time jobs that demand so much of your attention, there's not much time left over to involve ourselves in the several blogs we have started to address the push to legalize drugs.) You can look at a site he has put together, at this link,which we will also put in our Links section to the right of our page. Welcome aboard, Cliff, and thanks for the coffee. (Our new members always buy two rounds of coffee down at Peg's.)

We are Cleaning up Our Act

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you'll notice that a number of the postings have been changed, and a few have been deleted. After an all night meeting at Peg's Lunch (that ended at 3:00 this morning) the vote was unanimous. Get rid of the attack language, such as, "dopey Prime Minister," "stupid people," etc. (Even if they make "stupid" and "dopey" decisions.) We know that kind of language and personal attack is often a "blog" thing, but we feel we aren't promoting our argument the way we want by using such expressions. We could blame our lapse in judgment on all the caffeine and second hand smoke we ingest on a regular basis at Peg's. (Okay, we blame it on the caffeine and second hand smoke.) Combine that with a whole lot of anger. (And that's despite the fact that a few of us, while in prison, have completed anger management courses.) All the freaks down here at Peg's have gotten the drug monkey off our back and we are very pissed off when we see our elected officials make choices that are going to harm a significant number of young people. These officials don't know what it's like to start off on a little "innocent" pot and progress to harder drugs. (Not to mention the harm that can be done if one just stays on the so called "soft" drugs." More about this in a later posting.) Anyways, we still have a few postings to clean up and this will be done throughout the week, but we aren't changing our main purpose. That is to speak out against the liberalizing of drug laws which will only lead to many more wacked out freaks down the road. We have also convinced Peg to sell us only decaf coffee and tea (or at least help us to limit our caffeine intake) and we have used some moral persuasion on 'Smokin' Sammy to get him to butt out before coming into Peg's. Sammy is one of those AA/NA types who has given up the alcohol, pot, crack, etc., but is now addicted to more socially accepted drugs. Like coffee, and tobacco. (Okay, okay. So most of us have the coffee problem.) Whenever we go to the AA/NA meetings we have to hold our breath as we rush through the door. If you don't, all the second hand smoke you inhale on the way into the meeting will kill you, sooner or later. (Polly admits that, at times, she walks slowly and inhales.) And then, once you get inside, it's that pitiful coffee dispenser of rot-gut coffee, and, at our meeting, those little fat-filled Timbit donuts. Anyways, we all have to get to work and Peg wants to get back to the rest of the breakfast crowd. 'Til next time, fellow freaks, and just plain folks.

Monday, March 21, 2005

FAD: Are we a Bunch of Right-Wing Nuts or Left-Wing Looney Tunes?

The short answer. Both. Let's look at Peter Piper. He first joined the NDP in 1979, the year he became disillusioned with Marxism. As a long time Marxist, and seeing the movement going nowhere, he believed that the best way to bring about social change was to infiltrate the social democratic movement. He became a political organizer for the NDP in Ontario, but this ended before Bob Rae came to power in that province. At the first convention after Rae's election, Ontario's socialist premier said, something to the effect: "I don't care what our members decide in a convention, I make the policy." At that point, Peter had enough with "grass root" politics. (There were other reasons, but Rae's dictatorial side was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.) On the other hand, there is Polly Puffer, a long time apolitical animal, who joined the old Reform Party in 1990 and worked as a volunteer and later a staffer in Ottawa. She became soured by the Party and its frequent name and policy changes as they began to sniff after the scent of power. (Something like a dog sniffing at another dog's butt.) She left the party in 2003. Then there's 'Smokin' Sammy, our resident tobacco addict. He has never cared one iota about politics and sees all politicians as a "bunch of scheming, let's stay in power at least long enough for a good pension and I'll say one thing to one group and a different thing to another group if it's going to keep me on the gravy train," attitude. These three points of view are evenly divided amongst the freaks here at Peg's Lunch. The thing we have in common is that we are tired of all the politicians who rule as if we are the servants and they are our lord and masters. Instead of the other way around, as it is suppose to be. We want to see our politicians in Ottawa make up their individual minds - not bullied by the party leaders - and to listen to us, the voters, who are paying their bills for lobster suppers, beer blasts and pot parties. And what we are saying, at least us freaks, is that the last thing we need are liberalized drug laws when we already have too many "legal" drugs that are causing so much death and destruction. Do we really need to create more problems? Well, it's late, Peg wants to close up shop and we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. So, goodnight fellow freaks, and just plain folk.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Criminal Record (Dopey Lies #2)

Finally, as we promised, here is our Dopey Lies, #2 Edition. Those who are pushing to decriminalize (before legalizing) pot in Canada, inevitably put on a kindly, sad-eye, we feel your pain look when they announce: "We want to change the law so young people won't be stuck with a criminal record for life. Our Canadian Prime Minister has repeated this lie so many times, people might actually start to believe him. The question is, does he actually believe this load of crap? Is he really that naive? Two of our freaks here at Peg's Lunch have received criminal records for drugs and both have also received a pardon. One of our members, a journalist, was able to work several years overseas even before he received his pardon. (For those who aren't familiar with this pardon business, once you receive a criminal record in Canada, if you keep your nose clean for a few years you can apply for a pardon. Then, when you apply for a job, or whatever, you can put down that you don't have a criminal record. You can do this because you have been pardoned and in the eyes of the law, you no longer have a criminal record.) Mr. Prime Minister, don't you know this? If you don't, how the heck did you become prime minister? (Oh yeah, stupid me. I forgot; you bought the job. ) A pardon. Get it? You know, if you pass gas in a cabinet meeting, you say "pardon." And, because you are the prime minister, they pardon you for this. You are excused. It's like it never happened. Now do you get it? It's the same as drugs, or anything else that gives you a criminal record, you get "pardoned," even if you aren't the prime minister. You don't have a criminal record for life. Now do you get it? Why should we keep criminalization on the books for pot smokers? Good question. We'll turn this one over to our "criminal in residence," Peter Piper. Thanks, man. Good day folks; I'll continue while Space orders another decaf. As any of you freaks out there know, most people who smoke pot, also push it. Maybe you charge for it, or give it away for free. (If you are an M.P. or P.M. who is a pot head, you probably give it away for free.) When I use to push the stuff at the university I attended, many, many years ago, I would buy the stuff by the kilo, usually in Montreal, to supplement my student grant. (Yeah, we received grants in those days. That's why you poor university kids are stuck with those puny loans now. The government has to pay back those 60's grants some how. Man, they were good grants too.) Time and again I would be rebuffed, pushing my pot or hash, by some students who would say: "Man, I don't use that shit, I don't want a criminal record." Pauly Puffer Jr., our youngest freak, who is still in high school - we let him in because his old lady (Polly) pays for all the coffee and tea on Saturdays here at Peg's - says there are still plenty of kids out there in high school who use the criminal record reason for not doing smoke. Still, our Prime Minister wants to push for decriminalization. What are these young potential pot customers going to use for an excuse now? The short of it is that many tokers respect those who refuse to smoke shit because of the criminal record thing. But, our Prime Minister still trots out: "We want to change the laws so young people won't get a life-time criminal record." (Mr. P.M., it's not a life time record. Do you really not get it. Are you really that naive?) Man, where is Jean Cretin (former Prime Minister Putine for our American friends) when you really need him?

CBC* on Drugs.

On today's CBC* Radio program Sunday Edition, several young people were interviewed concerning their drug usage. By and large, a bunch of quite intelligent young people; they seem to make them smarter all the time. They seem a lot smarter than we freaks were at that age, about 35-40 years ago. Intelligent they were, but also quite naive. Not stupid, naive. Naive as in "lacking worldly experience." As we all know, worldly experience, unfortunately, only comes with age. The young don't have it, but, unfortunately, there are some older people that don't have it either. But, young people definitely don't have it. If they did, we wouldn't need laws that keep them away, as much as possible, from booze and tobacco until a certain age. (At the same time, they can join the military and learn to kill other people, but, no-no-no alcohol or cigarettes. The latter is a good thing; the former is a stupid thing. The killing, that is.) And, if young people weren't so naive, we wouldn't need to have graduated licenses that keep them from driving solo in two ton guns until they are a little older when, all things being equal, they aren't so naive. Likewise with our gun control legislation; it keeps guns out of the hands of many teens (and adults), which is a good thing. (Too bad the legislation doesn't keep guns out of the hands of criminals.) And, when it came to drug usage, most of these naive teens interviewed on CBC Radio thought weed wasn't such a "big deal". And our Liberal government in Canada wants to make it easier for these young people to get stoned? (See posting Dopey Lies #2.)

*CBC - for those not familiar with this country's public broadcasting giant that sucks $1,000,000,000 a years out of our pockets, it is the initials for the Communist Broadcasting Company. (Some of the freaks disagree with this moniker, but, it's my day to post.) A broadcaster that likes to present all sides to a story as long as their side comes out on top. By a unanimous vote, the freaks would like to see this billion dollar subsidy continued but we would like all of it to go to Radio 2. (CBC Radio has Radio 1 (the "talk, talk, talk, arm of CBC Radio) and Radio 2, the Classical radio side. Apparently there is also a television network but nobody pays much attention to it.) We would like to see a dedicated CBC Radio 2 only station receiver placed in the home of all Canadians, so that everyone can be lulled 24-hours a day by nice, clean, crisp classical music. The only changes we would like to see in this network is an end to all news programming and the kabosh to all non-classical music. Enough said.

Doper of the Month Award

We know, we know. We're falling behind in some of our promised posts. All the freaks here at Peg's Lunch have a hard time doing any work on the weekend. We all have heavy-duty jobs during the week - some of us work up to 20 hours a day - and on the weekend all that we want to do is sit in a booth at Peg's and drink coffee, or tea. (We have a wide range of drinkers in our group. Some like regular, others prefer decaf. Some like herbal, others the regular tea. Now Billy Piper, our leader this week, prefers a bit of all the teas and coffees mixed in together. What does that say about him? You said it.) While we were sitting down this morning (at least half of us were sitting down, the other half were at a church meeting) we came up with the idea for an award. (Those church folk are pretty dedicated, and today's meeting they attended didn't even have anything to do with AA or NA, the only time the other half go near a church.) We have to admit that our Sunday-going church freaks have a softening effect on us; you should see the drafts of our posts before they have a go at it. You think we're rough now, man, we're Sunday School paper material compared to our first drafts. Anyways, our non-AA or non-NA church going freaks had a few qualms about our contest but after juicing them up with some coffee, we managed to swing them onto our side. (This democracy thing can be the pits, can't it? Now we understand why our political parties don't like it. Man, maybe they are on to something.) Anyways, we want to introduce our DOPER OF THE MONTH AWARD. Get your votes in now for our March award. Who do you think is the one person, persons or group that has contributed most to doping up our young people, through the spread of non-medical drugs? Vote early, and vote often.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dopey Lies #2 is Late (Our occupation is changing)

I know we are late with this, but we had to spend much of last night getting Peg's high speed up (see last posting). Apparently she kept one of her hand cranked phones for "posterity sake" and that interfered with the connection. Stay tuned. We need a few hours of sleep but will get at it as soon as we get up. Or shortly thereafter. Our occupation is changing. To be fair to all our freaks, in our profile we will be changing the occupation weekly. In the settings, you are only allowed to pick one occupation, but as we don't all share the same occupation, that's not really fair to everyone. And as you know, we like to be fair to all sides.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Dog Gone. Email back.

We regret to inform you that one of our freaks, Dog, has departed. We are going to miss him. He was instrumental in getting this blog up - having started three others himself. However, he was at odds with the rest of the freaks on some postings. Notably the one that accused NDP Leader Jack Layton of being an old closet pothead (like most of the freaks at Peg's by the way); and the one that poo-pooed the anti-same-sex lobby. Dog, we will miss you. But, we will still see him quite frequently. All the freaks that contribute to this site live in the same neighborhood and all eat at least one meal a day at Peg's Lunch. It is actually the only restaurant in town and Peg has just put in high speed internet access and replaced the old hand cranked phones. Man, they were antiques. Those of you still stuck in the dark age of dial-ups think you have it bad. Try keeping a connection when you have to hand-crank to keep the line up! Also, we have our email back up, though we had to change it from freaksagainstdrugs to freakagainstdrugs. Somebody tied our site up with spam and by trying to continuously get into our account by accessing it with the wrong password. So, whenever we tried to get in we got the old, you have tried to access too many times with the wrong password, kind of shit. So, we had to change the password five times but are still having some problems. We have set up five new email accounts and if the nutbars keep it up, Microsoft may be able to get the little critters doing it. Hopefully, before we have to set up even more accounts. Don't hold your breath. After all, it is Microsoft. We may have to start using some non-hotmail accounts. So, keep that non-spam email coming. We are glad of the feedback. Who are the culprits? Well, there are only two groups that might get a little miffed. There are those whose minds have been so addled by drugs that they can no longer think straight. But there is help. In our freak group we have those who have tried therapy, presciption drugs, N.A., and even one or two have got religion. Whatever works for you buddy, you need help. Get it. But, we really feel sorry for the other group.They can't blame drugs for doing things like trying to screw up people's email accounts. These poor souls are just plain stupid and so far, at least, there is no cure for stupidity. Until the next time fellow freaks and plain folk,we remain...

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Politicians on Drugs (Part 2 - Our Poll)

We are working on a poll and hope to contact Canada's elite, our Members of Parliament, to see who is for encouraging others to climb aboard the pot train. (See our posting Criminal Record. Dopey Lies #2, for more on this. Probably won't be up until tomorrow as we have a number of other blogs on the go that need our attention.) Trust we will have some feedback by the end of the month.